I have rented from Smucker Rentals for 11 years and anytime I've ever needed anything repaired it's done immediately. I couldn't ask to rent from a better company!

—Carmen Halley, Rental Customer


I have been a tenant of Mr Smucker's for 18 years. He is a wonderful landlord and always very attentive to his tenants. The entire staff is friendly, and when you need something, they are very timely responding.

—Kelly Blythe, Rental Customer


Having observed Mr. Smucker in the business world of building, I’ve seen Ralph go to the 2nd and 3rd mile more than a few times. After trying to settle a claim with an adjuster and not given much satisfaction, one call to Ralph and Jeannie got us a response and satisfaction the very next day.

—Dan Gingerich, Insurance Customer


The quality and attention to detail that Smucker Construction gives to their customers is second to none. Each craftsman’s pride in his workmanship is what makes this product superior to others. Errors are minimal or non-existent. They truly demonstrate a team effort, and their end product nears perfection. We would highly recommend Smucker Construction and Ralph Smucker to anyone contemplating building a home. From start to finish, they make it fun, pleasant and a stress-free experience that everyone can be proud of upon completion.

—Jim & Katy Denner, Construction Customers


My family and I have been renters with Smucker Rentals for 17 years. Just saying that says a lot. Smucker has always worked with us to ensure that we have a very nice and comfortable home. Many improvements have been made over the years and are still being done. I’m a person who likes a clean house and a pretty yard, and between Smucker Rentals and me, we pretty well keep things that way!

—Pat Hunter, Rental Customer


I recommend Smucker Insurance to everyone. As a previous rental tenant, current Smucker homeowner, and a Smucker Insurance client; I can tell you that Smucker Companies can help you and your family grow and keep you protected. A truly wonderful group of people.

—LeAnna Miller, Insurance Customer


I have owned two new Smucker homes, but this was my 1st time building, so I was very nervous that it would all work well together—with my selections—in the end. Ralph offered great options for positive enhancements and was always willing to make changes where necessary. I could not be happier with the end result, and would highly recommend Ralph's team to anyone looking for a top-notch, quality builder.

—Nancy Yoder, Construction Customer


I have had three emergencies, and all of them were responded to by the next day. I am very pleased with the responsiveness by Ralph, Lisa and staff.

—Christina Thornton, Rental Customer


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